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The Curaçao we envision is a place with active democratic participation by all citizens. Our vision includes critical people that are willing and able to voice their concerns. A place with leaders that know how to listen & connect to their environment; where no one is forgotten. To build the Curaçao of our vision, argumentation, listening, constructive dialogue, case construction, rebuttal, speech construction -just to mention a few- are critical skills for everyone to have. The good news is that all of them can be taught via debate education.

Debate Education is broader that just ‘let’s debate’. Debate Education involves providing structural and inclusive education integrating various methodologies and techniques to improve the skills of participants. It uses debate as a tool and not the end goal.

Therefore the development and execution of debate education projects and long term programs are central to Debat.ed. In addition, we organize tournaments and debates to put the different skills taught in practice and also to have some fun. After all, debate can also be a (fun) hobby.

The mission is thus simple: Spread Debate Education to all groups, sectors, levels and people of Curaçao.!

You too can invest in this mission, we all reap the benefits! We could always use volunteers & donations, just contact us so we can create the Curaçao we all invision.

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